Review: Everything You Need to Know is a relatively new AI content generation tool that allows you to automatically create blog posts, articles, and even Amazon product reviews at scale.

If you’ve ever struggled to produce enough high-quality content for your website or simply don’t have the time to write, aims to solve these problems by automatically generating content for you with just a few clicks.

In this detailed review, we’ll look at how this automatic article generator works, its key features, use cases, content quality, pricing, and more.

By the end you’ll have a good understanding of what you can achieve with to scale content production and grow your site faster.

How Does Work?

Autoblogging ai review

The content generator uses artificial intelligence to produce complete articles in just minutes with the following simple process:

  • Enter a focus keyword or article title
  • Customize settings like word count, formatting, images etc.
  • Click generate
  • AI automatically writes a unique article by pulling data from multiple sources online
  • Auto posts the content to your WordPress site if desired

Some key features of include:

  • One click article generator – complete AI written blogs
  • Bulk content generation – produce hundreds of articles at once
  • Customize output with text optimization, HTML formatting, images and more
  • Auto posting to WordPress sites
  • Long form Amazon reviews

With flexible pricing plans starting at just $5/month, makes it easy to scale up content fast without burning hours writing yourself or hiring writers.

Let’s now dive into the details on how well performs and what it can really deliver for your site.

Key Features of

Key Features of comes packed with a robust set of features to make automated content creation and publishing as smooth and customizable as possible.

Here are some of the core capabilities you get with this AI article generator:

One Click Article Generator

One Click Article Generator

The cornerstone of is its one click article generator.

Simply enter a focus keyword or article title, adjust any settings, and click generate.

Within minutes, you’ll have a completed article written for you by the AI.

Some of the key options and customizations available include:

  • Word count – choose from 150 to 5,000+ words
  • SEO optimizations – auto-generated meta title and description
  • Media – add images and videos to the article
  • HTML formatting – headings, bold, italic, lists, quotes etc.

The AI draws data from multiple sources online to create informative, unique articles that specifically target the focus keyword you provide.

Bulk Article Generation

Bulk Article Generation

One of the biggest benefits of is the ability to produce bulk articles at scale.

Rather than being limited to generating one article at a time, you can upload an entire list of keywords and titles and have the AI generate hundreds or even thousands of articles in one batch.

This makes it possible to rapidly build up a massive library of long form, in-depth content to:

  • Establish authority in your niche
  • Target a wide range of keywords
  • Increase traffic and rankings

For larger sites, pumping out high volumes of content is key to growth, and is purpose-built to make this achievable.

Customize Output

You’re not stuck with a rigid, cookie-cutter output from the article generator. There are numerous ways to tailor the AI written articles to match your brand voice and style:

  • Text optimization – rewrite and edit the AI’s draft
  • HTML formatting – add headings, lists, code blocks, quotes
  • Incorporate media – images, gifs, YouTube videos etc.
  • FAQ schema markup for Q&A style posts
  • Table of contents for long posts

While the AI does the heavy lifting for the core content, you can still put your stamp on the finished product with these customizations.

Auto Post to WordPress

Auto Post to WordPress

For added convenience, lets you seamlessly auto post the generated articles directly to your WordPress site.

Rather than having to manually copy-paste each article, the tool will automatically:

  • Create a new post in WordPress
  • Enter the article title and body content
  • Publish the post
  • Ping search engines to index

This automates yet another tedious aspect of content publishing.

Long Form Amazon Reviews

Long Form Amazon Reviews

In addition to standard articles and blog posts, is adept at producing long form Amazon reviews.

Just input an Amazon product URL and the AI will generate a comprehensive review covering:

  • Detailed product overview
  • Pros/cons
  • Comparisons to alternatives
  • Recommendations & tips
  • Conclusion

Populating your site with these in-depth reviews provides value for readers and promotes affiliate sales.

The wide range of features and customization options make flexible enough to automate content for virtually any niche or site type imaginable.

Benefits of Using

There are many compelling reasons to leverage to auto generate content for your site. Let’s explore some of the major upside and benefits this AI article generator offers:

Saves Time

One of the biggest struggles with content marketing is the massive time investment required. Between research, writing, editing, formatting, and publishing, creating just a single in-depth blog post or article can take hours. condenses this entire process down to minutes with its automated content creation. Just enter a title or keyword, generate the article, make any tweaks, and publish.

Rather than manually building each post piece by piece, you can utilize the AI to significantly speed up your workflow. This frees up more of your time for higher value tasks like promotion, outreach, and analytics.

Scales Content Production

Most sites need a consistent flow of new, fresh content to sustain growth. But few content teams have the capacity to repeatedly generate large volumes of articles completely in-house. offers a solution by letting you scale content output. With the ability to produce articles in just minutes and bulk generate hundreds at a time, you can set far more ambitious content goals.

More content means more opportunities to:

  • Reach and convert readers
  • Rank for more keywords
  • Build authority as a top source
  • Diversify traffic sources
  • Monetize through ads, affiliates, etc.

Automated content creation opens the door to rapid site expansion.

Don’t Need to Come Up With Article Ideas

One difficult aspect of content creation is constantly coming up with compelling article ideas and angles on your own. The well of inspiration can run dry at times.

With, the AI will take care of this step by automatically generating articles based on the titles and keywords you provide. So you bypass the need to conceive ideas and simply validate whether the computer-generated article is worthwhile.

This removes a significant creative burden from the process.

Can Increase Site Traffic and Rankings

More high-quality content published on your site can directly translate into higher visitors and search engine rankings, provided you do the right optimization.

With allowing you to accelerate your content output, it becomes much easier to:

  • Quickly create content targeting low competition keywords
  • Establish authority around niche topics with long form posts
  • Improve page depth to support navigation and on-site user flows
  • Refresh and update old content that needs a revamp

Executed strategically, delegating content creation to AI can yield significant traffic and ranking gains. Just be wary of over-automation.

Cost Effective pricing

Hiring teams of writers to manually generate all of your site’s content gets extremely expensive over time. And you still need to manage these resources. provides immense value through bulk content generation at a fraction of the cost.

Plans start at just $5 per month for 5 articles.

The most premium plan costs $249 monthly for 750 articles.

When you compare the costs of human writers versus AI automation, the savings are substantial. This frees up budget for other impactful site investments.

In summary, streamlines and scales the content generation process tremendously. The time and cost efficiencies unlock growth potential that is otherwise very difficult to achieve solely the manual way.

Case Studies and Examples

To better evaluate the real-world performance and results of, let’s look at some examples and case studies of sites leveraging this AI content generator.

Traffic and Ranking Growth

One compelling example comes from a case study site in the home security niche. The site owner used to publish over 1,100 long form articles covering topics like “how to install security cameras” and “types of door locks”.

Within 6 months of launching with AI-generated content, the site achieved:

  • 44,000 organic clicks from search engines
  • 1.47 million impressions
  • Steady growth in organic traffic and rankings, especially for middle and low competition keywords

This rapid traction was attained without any promotional efforts beyond the automatically generated content.

Another site in the coffee reviews niche posted over 500 articles using Despite being a fresh domain, they ranked on the first page within weeks for keywords like:

  • best kona coffee – 3,500 monthly searches
  • jamaican blue mountain coffee – 2,700 monthly searches

These examples highlight’s ability to fuel strong organic growth through bulk content even on new sites.

Income and Revenue Generated

In addition to traffic gains, sites leveraging content have monetized their growth to generate income:

  • Google AdSense – By placing ads on site with AI articles, owners have earned thousands per month
  • Affiliate marketing – Amazon links integrated into reviews have driven commissions
  • Sponsored posts – Earn money by selling placements to advertisers

One detailed case study covered how they scaled up earnings to over $5,000 per month within a year of launching their site.

So beyond just driving more visitors, the content can actively contribute to your bottom line as well.

Quality of Auto-Generated Content

Some examples of actual generated articles reveal that the AI can produce remarkably high-quality and human-like content.

For instance, this 1,200 word article on types of coffee provides in-depth information formatted with:

  • Subheadings
  • Ordered lists
  • Tables comparing features
  • High resolution images
  • A/B tests

The writing is smooth, nuanced, and engages readers well. The AI manages to comprehensively cover the topic just like a knowledgeable human writer could.

So while not perfect, today’s AI is adept enough at mimicking human writing that readers likely won’t be able to immediately distinguish the difference without looking very closely.

The case studies and examples of sites successfully leveraging for organic growth, revenues, traffic, and high-quality automated content are encouraging.

For publishers struggling with the heavy lifting of manual content creation, this AI tool could provide a means to scale while maintaining output quality.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider


  • Inexpensive
  • Bulk generation possible
  • SEO optimized content
  • High readability
  • WP integration


  • Not many templates
  • Not suitable for short-from copy
  • No Chat option

While offers many benefits as an automated content creation tool, there are also some potential downsides and risks to keep in mind:

Lacks Originality

The biggest criticism is that content generated by lacks originality. The AI pulls data from various sources online to assemble its articles. While it rewrites things into its own words, the core ideas and structure are derived from other people’s work.

So in that sense, the computer-generated articles aren’t 100% original. Someone else may have covered the same points and concepts already.

This doesn’t automatically make duplicate or “spinning” type content. But human writers will craft posts from their own unique perspectives and experiences, which is harder for AI to replicate.

Risk of Low Quality Content

Giving an AI free reign to generate articles based solely on a title or keyword comes with an inherent risk of low-quality output. Without human oversight and editing, the computer may ramble, repeat itself, or fail to provide real value for readers.

So while strives to create well-written posts, don’t expect it to pump out high-value articles matching what a human expert could compose. Expect to invest time reviewing and reworking the AI’s drafts.

Could Get Bad Reputation

Over time, leaning too heavily on artificial intelligence for the bulk of your content could garner a bad reputation. If readers discover AI fuels your entire site, they may see it as deceptive or lacking real substance.

Google also aims to detect sites with thin, low-value content. So while content passes initial quality thresholds, low engagement metrics from real users could signal issues to Google.

Finding the right balance between human and AI generated content is key. Don’t go overboard automating things or else credibility issues may arise.

Possible Copyright Infringement

This legal risk stems from using content from other sites as its source material. If the AI copies data from copyrighted articles without permission, infringement issues could occur.

Now claims to rewrite and change phrasing enough to avoid simply re-posting duplicate content verbatim. But there is still a gray area concerning reproducing the ideas, facts, and structure from someone else’s writing without consent.

Proceed cautiously and don’t just copy/spin content from others without approval.

The main takeaway is that is not a flawless magic bullet.

Take care to avoid overusing it, or you may suffer drops in quality, reader trust, or legal issues.

Use AI as one content creation tool in your toolbox, but don’t adopt it as your sole means of populating your site.

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive review, we’ve covered how this AI article generator works, key capabilities, real-world results, pros and cons, and more. To recap the key takeaways:’s Strengths as an Automated Content Tool

  • Saves tremendous time – AI writes articles in minutes vs. hours manually
  • Scales content production – easy to generate hundreds of posts
  • Requires no content ideation on your end
  • Can drive organic traffic, rankings and revenues
  • Very cost-effective compared to human writers
  • Produces decent quality articles covering topics in-depth
  • Handles optimizations like SEO titles/meta, media, formatting

For anyone struggling to produce enough content manually, offers a viable way to scale output rapidly. The time and cost savings unlock growth potential that is extremely difficult through DIY means.

Strategic Use Cases to Try

Based on the benefits and risks covered, here are some of the best ways to strategically leverage

  • Use for draft content then have human editors review, refine, and add analysis
  • Focus on lower competition keywords where quality thresholds are lower
  • Mix AI content with expert human written articles
  • Populate fresh sites with a solid initial foundation of articles
  • Only auto-generate a portion of your total site content
  • Rework existing content into new updated versions

A balanced approach allows you to realize the upsides of AI efficiency while minimizing potential downsides through selective applications and human oversight.

The Future of AI in Content Creation

No doubt artificial intelligence will become increasingly capable at high-quality, original writing over time. We are still in the early stages. Literacy gaps remain between the best human writers and AI.

Yet for many basic applications like news summaries, sports recaps, data-driven reports, and conversational chatbots, AI already produces promising results.

As the supporting datasets and algorithms improve, it’s not far-fetched to believe AI will reach equivalence or even exceed average human writing abilities this decade.

But we aren’t quite there yet today. So conservatively integrate where it can amplify (not replace) your team’s efforts.

Hopefully this guide gives you a detailed inside look at and how to smartly leverage AI for content creation.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!

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